Garage Door Opens then Closes

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    Garage Door Opens then Closes

    If you have prior experience with automatic garage doors, you would know how they can be prone to various problems.

    Minor issues can be easily solved with troubleshooting.

    Maintenance is another integral component that can help.

    However, at times, you may encounter a problem in which you need the help of experts.

    That’s when London-On Garage Doors slide in.

    With solutions for all your garage door-associated problems, we are here to help.

    Our experts can assist you with any issues your garage door may have.

    Read on to find out more!

    Garage Door Problem

    If your garage door opens and then closes, then there could be number of reasons why. Some of the most common reasons are as follow,

    Limits of Garage Door

    Certain garage doors are programmed to travel a limited distance before closing.

    If the door closes before that distance is completed, the system thinks something is wrong. As a result, the door may open all the way again.

    This is done to protect you and your family from any damage that may otherwise incur.

    If your garage door has a limitation that is less than the distance to the floor, then this problem can be fairly common.

    Weather Changes

    Sometimes, a Garage door repair is not as necessary as we deem it to be.

    Few problems are no-brainer than they could be.

    For instance, trouble with garage door openers could also be due to changes in weather conditions.

    Due to cold weather, some garage door components can undergo shift and contraction. When this happens, the distance that your garage door travels may change.

    In the circumstances like this one, the “travel down” setting has to be adjusted to a new distance.

    Replacement Required

    If you are facing issues with your garage doors, the cause could be a need for replacement. For example, a change in your travel module may be required.

    The travel module of your garage door opener is in direct communication with the position of the door.

    The garage door opener logic board pays heed to the command of the travel module.

    After some time, the travel module and the logic board can wear out.

    In such cases, you will see that your garage door opens but then closes immediately.

    In this case scenario, a garage door company will recommend that you get the system replaced.

    Keep in mind that the same issue can cause your garage door to close and open up.

    Threshold Blockage

    Before taking out your toolbox or calling professionals for help, try looking at the threshold. As previously discussed, if your garage door feels something is in the middle of its pathway, it will not close.

    So, check the threshold of your garage door thoroughly.

    Anything, whether minor or major, can block your garage door and make it move in the opposite direction.

    If the threshold is clear, then the problem could be one of many discussed above.

    Limit Switch Problems

    Another reason your garage door is not opening properly could be a problem with the limit switch.

    The limit switch decides where the garage door will halt once it opens or closes.

    If the switch has been set at a distance that is reached beforehand for the system rather than the door.

    Then, it may appear as if something is stuck in the way.

    As a result, the defense mechanism will kick in and open the door instantly.

    n such a situation, you could either adjust the limit switch with a flathead screwdriver or call an expert.

    Troubleshoot the Problem

    If your garage door opens and then closes, then there are certain actions you could take before, calling the experts.

    The first thing you could do is to check your door.

    Pulling the emergency release cord while lifting the door can help.

    While doing so, check if the door opens and closes smoothly.

    If it does not, the problem is most definitely with your tracks, rollers, or springs.

    However, keep in mind to play it safe, as unplugging can result in accidents.

    A better choice is to call an expert.

    London – on Garage Doors, at Your Service

    See, some of these problems are not only posers for security concerns but also for safety.

    Thereby, if you are doing it yourself make sure to take precautions, we have mentioned above.

    On the other hand, at the heart of our company are garage door experts who can help resolve these issues for you in the fastest possibe turnaround time.

    So if you are also facing garage door opens then closes issue, or any other problems, it is a good choice to get in touch with one of our experts.

    They can help you resolve this problem without becoming a menace.

    Head over to our website today and explore our range of services.

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