The Garage Door Opens a Little, Then Stops

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    The garage Door Opens A Little, Then Stops

    You will agree, sometimes, the equipment that has been designed to make things easy for us become nuances.

    If you have ever faced a situation where your garage door opens a little and stops, you would know what we are talking about.

    The solution to this problem ranges from minor fixes to full replacements.

    What follows depends on the intensity of the problem.

    In this blog, we will talk about why this could happen and how you could troubleshoot.

    Not to forget, if all else fails, the experts at London-On Garage Doors are always available to help!

    Why Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

    Despite being mostly similar, garage doors can vary from brand to brand.

    The reason for not opening completely thereon can differ.

    Still, some of the most common reasons are as follows:

    Out of Alignment Photo-Eye

    The photo eye is a sensor placed on the garage door for safety purposes.

    The core functionality of this system is to detect any person or object in the midst of the door.

    If while opening your garage door you see a light flash, there might be a problem with the photo eye.

    Remember the system is a bit sensitive.

    Something as minute as dirt and dust can clog the sensor.

    As a result, you will find that your garage door opens a little and then stops.

    Snapped Cables

    One of the most common problems we have encountered during garage door repair is the presence of snapped cables.

    The garage door cables are responsible for moving the door up and down.

    Cables are a fundamental part of garage doors.

    Without these, the door can become unstable and, as a result, fall to the ground.

    In such circumstances, it is always recommended that you rely on professional services.

    Remote Control Issues

    If you have an automatic garage door, then it will be controlled by either a wall-mounted panel or remote control.

    The remote control is responsible for sending signals to the garage door opener to either open or closes the garage.

    If your remote control is broken or disconnected from the panel, you will encounter problems opening the garage door.

    Sensitivity Is Misadjusted

    If your garage door is stuck, it can often be due to misadjusted sensitivity settings.

    This is one of the most common problems encountered in newly installed garage doors.

    This is because the opener might be set at an arbitrary setting that does not suit the need of your garage door.

    Another cause of this issue can be bad setting inputs that create misadjusted sensitivity for garage doors.

    For this kind of issue, it is wise to contact a garage door company.

    They can adjust the settings for you so that any future problems can be avoided.

    Misaligned Door Track

    In the working mechanics of a garage door, the cable lifts the door up while the springs are responsible for managing the tension.

    However, if metal tracks are missing, no cations can remain centered along the garage doorway and its ceiling.

    These are what keep the door aligned in a line.

    Therefore, the tracks serve the purpose of keeping the door straight and even on both sides.

    If either of the tracks becomes slightly ajar, the door’s movement can be hindered.

    As time moves on, the problem can become a real liability.

    Troubleshoot the Issue

    Calling a professional may seem like the last resort when your garage door does not work properly.

    However, as discussed, it is wise to keep experts as the first priority in some issues like those of cable operators.

    The first step in correcting the problem with your remote is replacing the batteries.

    If this obvious choice does not do the trick, other issues may be in play.

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes a power cord can be the most common reason for your garage door opener failure.

    If it has worked loose from electrical outlets, a power cord can lead to your garage door being stuck while opening up.

    Another reason for problems with garage door opening can be electrical surges.

    Even small breakouts hold the potential to cause a breaker to trip.

    If you live in an area that has recently experienced power surges, check on the home’s breaker panel.

    Check to see if the breaker that powers the garage is in the “on” position.

    If it is, turning it back to “off” and then back to “on” will resolve the problem.

    London-On Garage Doors – Expert Solution

    If your garage door opens a little then stops despite troubleshooting, it might be the right time to call in the experts.

    At the heart of our company, we believe in resolving problems without recurrence potential.

    Connect with our customer representative today and get a solution to your problem!

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