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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Garage Door Motor Repair Service in London, ON

    Driving in and out of your garage with little effort is a luxury that many simply can’t do without.

    With a click of a button, you can open your garage door without having to get out of your car.

    Thanks to garage door opener, getting in and out of your garage became a lot easier.

    But, once it malfunctions, it may affect the motor that powers the entire mechanism.

    Garage door motor, an important part of all automatic remote-controlled garage doors, enables your garage door to move on command.

    Having a damaged garage door motor will take away the convenience you formerly enjoyed.

    It is therefore advisable to start looking for a reputable garage door company right away.

    And when it comes to quality and reliability, nothing beats London-On Garage Doors.

    Our team provides efficient garage door services in London tailored to your garage door needs.

    Ready for your garage door motor repair? Get in touch with us!

    How to Determine When You Need Garage Door Motor Repair?

    The majority of homeowners have garage door openers installed.

    Manual lifting is no longer necessary as a result.

    Thus, reduces physical strain while also ensuring safety and saving time.

    Though a garage door opener is composed of several basic components, the motor is its core

    When your garage door opener has faulty operations, the problem may be rooted from the motor.

    Here’s how to figure out if your garage door problems are caused by the motor.

    • The garage door doesn’t work even though the other components function well.
    • The garage door doesn’t work when using the remote control.
    • The garage door doesn’t work when using the wall switch.
    • There is a burnt smell coming from the opener.
    • There are vibrations coming from the opener.

    How to Repair Garage Door Motor?

    If your garage door has stopped functioning properly, you’ll probably want to address the problem.

    These solutions will show you how to DIY garage door motor repair.

    Inspect the door

    Typically, the cause of damage to garage door motors is due to broken springs.

    Therefore, thorough inspection of the motor is crucial before moving on to the next step.

    To determine whether the issue is rooted from the springs, try to spray a lubricant on the door’s hinges then inspect the spring.

    If they are to blame for the damage, the best course of action is to contact a garage door technician.

    Reconnect the plug and check the lock feature

    Check to see if the opener is connected.

    Then unplug, and replug it.

    After, check the status of the lock feature.

    Make sure it is not operating.

    This is a crucial step in the garage door opener motor repair process.

    Fix the Remote Control

    Check your remote carefully.

    The garage door opener issues may be rooted from a broken remote.

    Realign Photo-Eyes

    Photo eyes are a safety feature of garage doors.

    It is designed to prevent the door from closing when the sensors detect an obstruction in the path.

    If the door won’t operate, look for obstructions in the way, ensure that the sensors are in the right position, and clean the lenses.

    Adjust the Limits

    The garage door naturally stops in the right place when it opens and closes.

    If the limit is off, the door will not stop in the right place.

    To solve this problem, check your user manual and make the necessary adjustments.

    Who To Call If You Need Garage Door Motor Repair?

    If you can pinpoint the problems, you can decide whether you require garage door motor repair.

    But, even with knowledge of the issues, finding a solution may still prove challenging.

    When things start to feel a little tense, it is better to let the experts handle the situation.

    Don’t risk causing further damage by doing things on your own.

    Instead, contact London-ON Garage Doors, your neighborhood garage door repair expert.

    Why Choose Us?

    You might wonder, why should you choose us for your garage door motor needs?

    At London-ON Garage Doors, we work hard to offer complete, secure, and top-notch garage door services in London.

    Our highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists will first carefully inspect and assess the issue.

    Then, do the next measures to get your garage door back to working properly.

    Call us now, and we’ll send out one of our knowledgeable garage door experts straight away.

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