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    Garage Door Repair

    Garage Door Repair Service – London, ON

    A functional garage door does more than just storing your car and your household items.

    It also enhances the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

    Plus, it adds to the security of your home.

    That is why having an excellent and functional one is necessary.

    When you notice that your door starts to malfunction, do not wait any further!

    Call a reputable garage door company, like us.

    At London-ON Garage Doors, we guarantee to provide you with the best and most dependable garage door services in London.

    We will facilitate the timely, accurate, and cost-effective repair of your garage door.

    To start your garage door repair, give us a call now!

    Most Common Garage Door Problems

    Your garage door is subjected to wear and tear due constant lifting and closing.

    When your garage door starts to cause faulty operations, it can be a great inconvenience.

    If you can pinpoint the problems, you can decide whether garage door repair is necessary.

    Here are some of the problems you might encounter with your garage door.

    Garage Door Remote is Not Working

    When you press a button on your remote and nothing happens with your garage door, the problem may be rooted from the remote itself.

    Usually, you will only need to replace the batteries to keep things going again.

    Tracks are Damaged

    Garage door tracks provide a way for the roller wheels.

    In short, your garage door moves up and down on tracks.

    When one of the tracks has bent or slight warp, there will be a difficulty in moving your garage door in its track.

    However, you may stop this from happening by hammering the small bent out with a mallet.

    If the suggested solution doesn’t fix the issue, it is best to call a garage door technician to handle the job for you.

    Buildup of Dirt

    Your garage is susceptible to dirt, mud and grit.

    It may build up in the corners of the garage door which can slow down its operation.

    The sensors that are designed to detect the presence of a car may also be blocked by dirt or debris.

    This may also cause faulty operations of your garage door.

    A simple cleaning may resolve the issue.

    Rollers are Dirty and Damaged

    Garage door rollers allow the smooth operation of your garage door.

    They allow your door to slide effortlessly along the tracks.

    Rollers do, however, deteriorate and weaken over time, just like every other component does.

    However, routine maintenance is required if you wish to increase their longevity.

    To prevent the rollers from wearing out too rapidly, lubricate them and remove any debris.

    Limit Settings are Incorrect

    The garage door naturally stops in the right place when it opens and closes.

    It is because of the settings that limit how far your door opens and closes.

    If the limit is off or incorrect, the door will not stop in the proper place.

    Worse, it can remain open or close in the wrong position.

    Your garage door may generally be fixed by resetting the limits.

    But if that doesn’t work, make sure to call professionals.

    Torsion Springs are Broken

    The torsion springs gain tension when your garage door is closed.

    The tension is then released as you open the door.

    This tension helps raise and lower the door.

    To put it simply, your torsion spring does all the heavy lifting.

    And due to everyday use, the springs in your garage door wear down faster.

    The damage will gradually worsen if effective action is not made.

    If you think the springs need repair, you can leave this dangerous task to professionals.

    Garage Door Company You Can Trust

    As mentioned earlier, if you can determine the problem, you can decide whether you require garage door repair.

    However, even with an understanding of the problems, a solution may still be hard to achieve.

    When it starts to get unnerving, make sure to call the experts.

    Contact London-ON Garage Doors, a reliable garage door company that provides top notch garage door solutions.

    Contact Us For Professional Garage Door Repair

    At London-ON Garage Doors, we work hard to offer safe, extensive garage door services.

    First, one of our highly qualified and trained specialists will carefully examine and evaluate the problem.

    After that, the necessary steps will be taken to restore your garage door’s functionality.

    Get in touch with us, and we’ll dispatch one of our knowledgeable garage door experts right away!

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