Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

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    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair in London, On

    Having a functional garage door is a luxury that not everyone can just possess.

    If you already have one, you know how useful having a garage is.

    It serves not just for storing your car and household items but it also improves your home security.

    Plus, it raises the value of your property.

    However, when your garage door starts to have door opener problems, the convenience dwindles.

    When this happens, look for a professional garage door company right away.

    And when it comes to quality and reliability, nothing beats London-On Garage Doors.

    Our team provides effective and trustworthy garage door services in London that suit all your garage door needs.

    Give us a call for a professional garage door automatic opener repair!

    Typical Garage Door Opener Problems

    When your garage door opener suddenly stops functioning properly, it can be an unnerving experience.

    But sometimes, the possible reasons and potential solutions are typically rather straightforward.

    We listed below some of the most typical garage door opener problems and solutions.

    If none of the suggested garage door automatic opener repairs seem to solve the issues, you must get in touch with experts.

    Garage Door Opener Remote Does Not Work

    Here are some probable reasons why your garage door might not open when you click the button on your remote:

    • Batteries are dead– before getting anxious of having a malfunctioning garage door, try replacing the batteries in your remote first.
    • Door is locked– try pressing the lock button on your wall switch then use the remote again. When someone has pushed the locked button, your garage door will stop from opening.
    • Photo eyes are broken– photo eyes are a safety feature of garage doors. It is designed to prevent the door from closing when the sensors detect an obstruction in the path. If the door won’t close, look for obstructions in the way, ensure that the sensors are in the right position, and clean the lenses.

    Garage Door Opener Switch Does Not Work

    When you press the wall switch to open the garage door but it doesn’t work, one of the following possibilities may be the cause:

    • Door is locked– just like with your remote, the door might just be locked. Push the lock button and try opening the door again.
    • Photo eyes are broken– check for obstruction on the path, make sure the lenses are aligned, and clean them.
    • Motor is burnt out– when you’ve exhausted all other possibilities and the issue still persists, you most likely have a burned-out motor. It’s time to call an expert when this happens.

    Garage Door Does Not Open

    Is your garage door not open properly?

    Or perhaps it opens, then stops half way.

    The problem most certainly boils down to one of these two factors:

    • Rollers are damaged– try lubricating first the rollers to see if it fixes the problem. If not, the metal tracks may be warped. With this, it will be best to ask for help from a professional garage door technician.
    • Limits are off– garage door naturally stops in the right place when it opens and closes. If the limit is off, the door will not stop in the right place. Check the manual and you can adjust the open limit.

    Garage Door Does Not Close

    When your garage door doesn’t close completely, closes partially, or reversing and going back up, here are some potential causes and fixes:

    • Limits are off– again, if the limit is off, the door will not stop in the right place. Check the manual and you can adjust the close limit.
    • Rollers are damaged– the problem may be with the rollers or the metal tracks. Since the metal parts are prone to rust and contraction due to cold weather, it creates resistance to the door’s movement. Lubricate the rollers to see if it fixes the problem. If not, call for a professional.

    Garage Door Company You Can Trust

    It will be helpful to determine whether you need a garage door automatic opener repair if you can identify the issues.

    But, it still might be difficult to come up with a solution after knowing the problems.

    When things get a little unnerving, it is best to leave the work to experts.

    Call us now and we will send out our experienced garage door specialists right away.

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